In just six weeks Team Botswana will be competing against 53 other countries at the Gaborone2014, 2nd African Youth Games across 20 sporting codes.

During the first African Youth Games, held in Morocco in 2010, Batswana tallied 6 medals at the first African Youth Games, including a silver medal in the 800m from the Olympic silver medallist, Nijel Amos. These Games were his first international Games. Two years later, Amos won the country’s first Olympic medal: an 800m Silver Medal at London, 2012.

Team Botswana, unlike other teams, will have a rather unique opportunity to host, and thus excel at, the 2nd African Youth Games to be held in Gaborone, May 22nd-30th. National support will provide an added advantage for Team Botswana and will be a major factor for excellence at these games.

The power of home ground advantage has been seen even in multi-sport events across the world; the London 2012 Olympic Games being a spectacle bearing evidence where the host nation tallied an impressively high medal record than in any of the previous years at similar events.

This is not a coincidence, but rather a fact that athletes’ confidence can be boosted with support and familiar environment. Despite Team physical preparedness and readiness, the athletes’ psychological mind-set at the time of competition can override any preparation all year. Support and participation by the nation can help boost the athletes’ spirits and in turn, enhance their possibility for maximum performance.

To this end, there is an important need for both the Batswana youth and adult community alike, to rally behind the team by following and supporting Team Botswana at the African Youth Games across all 20 Sporting codes. Given that some of these sports are not popularly practised in Botswana, it is especially critical for Batswana to tap into their patriotic vein, and rise up to support Team Botswana and motivate our young and talented athletes.

With your help, Team Botswana will have the potential for a similar, or even greater success this year’s 2nd African Youth Games than at the previous 2010 Games. So come out and support your country’s youth athletes May 22nd-May 31st at Gaborone2014!

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The sky’s the limit. #ISeeBlue #TeamBW